Evangelization Ministry

Key to the parish’s move from “maintenance” to “mission” and the development of intentional discipleship is the activities of the Evangelization Ministry. It is an established doctrine of the Catholic faith that the Church exists to evangelize. The word “evangelize” comes from the Greek word translated into Latin as “evangelion” which means “to announce good news”. Someone who is evangelized is “made aware”. Evangelization in the general sense describes the process by which we, as church, reach out to our brothers and sisters who are “churched” or, who may be “inactive”, to encourage them to develop an ever more intimate relationship with Jesus and for the “unchurched” we reach out to introduce them to Jesus by way of the Kerygma: “Jesus loves you, He died for you and He wants to be in relationship with you”.

The process by which all of this happens, of course, must be respectful. We evangelize largely by the way we live that we might arouse the curiosity of those around us who wonder about our faith and our commitment to it. Thus, the importance of an on-going spiritual transformation of the faithful who need to shine with the light of Christ. Each of us needs to be ready to explain the reason for his or her hope in the risen Christ that we might respond to the inquiries of the curious.

Evangelization Team Members:

          Fr Pier Pandolfo

          Abel Martins

          Bryan Wallace

          Bob Geddes

          Miranda Wallace

          Chris Wingham

          Helen Wingham

          Frank Ledderhof

          Susan Ledderhof

          Alec Pena


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